About Us


My name is Alex and it is my dream to one day be the man who delivers news to your home and to the homes of everyone else across the United States of America. It is my goal to someday be an anchorman for whichever major news station will employ me, but for now I am going to deliver all news that I feel to be important, inspiring or entertaining to the general public by writing and posting articles on my blog and making them available to my readers. I enjoy blogging about all subjects, so not everything posted here will be ground-breaking or particularly significant news, but they will all be things that I feel are worthwhile to know about and will benefit the reader in some way. This blog is going to contain any important events of any kind that happen within the United States of America and throughout the entire world. If it affects you as an American citizen, I will use the very best of my abilities to report the facts to you as swiftly and accurately as I can.


Even back in high school, I very much enjoyed blogging. I was given the honor of writing articles for our school and the events that took place there, which I found to be a very enjoyable experience and a great opportunity to improve my skills as a writer and to find better techniques of delivering the important information to the reader as quickly and effectively as possible while still keeping them entertained throughout the article. I love blogging because it provides such an easy platform to share information and is very cost-effective to maintain.


I created this blog with the intent of founding a website that all citizens of the United States of America could visit when they want to know what is happening in their country and they don’t want to have to sort through a cluster of biased opinions to get the facts. As I previously mentioned, I enjoy blogging about all subjects and not everything posted here will be ground-breaking news, but it will all have importance to my readers in some way, whether it be a political debate or an inspirational story.


My Background

I was born in Jefferson City, Missouri as the youngest of three children. My mother stayed at home to take care of the three of us while my father worked as an orthodontist. I have always enjoyed being outspoken and public speaking, so I know that someday I can achieve my goal of becoming an anchorman for a televised news station. Blogging will help me improve my skills and make me become well known for delivering news in a professional and efficient manner.

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